Photograph by Zach Doleac

October BigShot: Zach Doleac

They are the travelers. The light-chasers. The rules-be-damned adventurers. They capture an experience. They fix a moment. They bring focus to life in a way that expands and distills. They are magic-makers and they bring paradise to us.

They are the photographers out there living the BigLife and we salute them here.

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behind the images: about Zach Doleac

I was born and bred in the Pacific Northwest, but these days my window looks out on changing horizons, living out of a twenty-two foot travel trailer dubbed “Hotel Beverly.” Mile after mile, over snow capped peaks and down bustling streets– life on the road suits me, as does photography.

Making photographs began as a passion, evolved into a profession, and manifested as a lifestyle. Adventure and exhilaration blurred with perception and curiosity. My camera, the vehicle to experience the grit of the American West, to observe the predators of the Arctic Tundra, and to document athletes pushing themselves beyond physical boundaries.     

This is my life; always on the clock, never checking the time.

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