Take our “Damn, You Sure Are Nosey” survey and be entered to win a really great prize.

We’ve just been going on and on about ourselves, what we love, who we know, and what we do, but we still don’t know anything about you. We know that’s the kiss of death on a first date, so now it’s our turn to listen to you. You know how this goes—we’re going to ask some awkward but necessary questions before we decide to go to second base.

  • Gender: We know this should be obvious but this is a virtual first date, so you’re going to need to help us out a bit. And with the way guys are indiscriminately wearing skinny jeans, sometimes it’s hard to tell.
  • Age: Oh, we know. How RUDE! But remember, this is an anonymous survey and we won’t tell anyone that you’ve been lying about your age all these years.
  • Annual Household Income
  • Education
  • What do you like to do?
    Here’s your chance to impress us (especially if you fell short on the income question). Are you an adrenaline junkie or a sophisticated wine connoisseur? Do you have a yacht (If so, we’re waiting for our invite.) or do you paraglide (If so, we’re up for a little tandem flying.)? Are you a foodie or a bourbon geek? Do you know 15 varieties of coffee or can you build a bike from raw materials? Are you a painter or an art collector? Do you bike, hike, and ski (and if so, when do you find time to work?!)? Please tell us your top five favorite activities and/or interests.