Pretend Golf is Fun

Words by Ryan Waterfield 

The 18-hole Sawtooth Putting Course at Sun Valley Club offers 52,000 square feet wholesale nba jerseys of fun for the family or for you and all your twisted friends. Take the people behind the Board wholesale NBA jerseys of Powder and Tourism for Sun Valley, for example. By day these people are lawyers, bankers, teachers, traders, and stay-at-home moms and dads. By early evening, on special nights, they are fierce competitors on the putt putt course. No graceful winners here, the point of the game is to shame.


5:30 pm: Pre-game Cocktail Tailgate in the Sun Valley Clubhouse parking lot
6:00 pm: Shotgun Start
Post-tournament: Tailgate Grill Out, Sun Valley Clubhouse parking lot (unless/until you get kicked out).




Required for each contestant: Pre-game drinks and food of your choice. If you are going to grill, a grill. $5 greens fee, small bills for side-wagering, putter (if you have one), ball marker, cheap NFL jerseys a wide-based coozie (optional, but recommended for setting your beer down Leap on the green), and one Bag of Shame per contestant. Into your Bag of Shame, place roughly one dozen wearable, but embarrassing items/accessories (hereinafter “items”). These should be things that you would only wear if you were a 4-year-old or if you were hammered. For instance: fairy wings, groucho glasses, Indian headdress, a jaunty cape, silly necklaces, stick-on moustache, sweatbands, terrible glasses, mullet cheap MLB jerseys wigs, fake hillbilly teeth.

Tournament Format

Four-Ball Match Play. Each foursome with will have two teams of two. It’s your team’s low score against the other team’s low score. If your team loses the hole, each of you is required to select and put on one item of your choosing from your opponents’ Bags of Shame. If your team wins the hole, you may choose to either remove one item, or force your opponents to don an additional item from your bag. In case of a tie on a particular hole, no items are donned or 3: Water removed.

HERE’S THE THING: whatever you are wearing at the end of your match, you must continue to wear for the remainder of the evening. The whole of night, until you go home. So if your team loses by two points, you’ll be wearing football eye-black and a princess tiara during the post-tournament while sipping a watermelon Bullying martini at Boca and cheap NFL jerseys then drunkenly making eyes at strangers at Whiskey’s.

This event is not suitable for children.