The Snowbasin 29029: Do You Have What it Takes?

Words by John Caldwell 

Calling all mountain goats. Ever dream about climbing the equivalent of Mt. Everest (albeit at a slightly lower elevation) in the Rocky Mountains of the good old U.S. of A.? Here’s your chance. Utah’s Snowbasin Resort is bringing back the 29029 endurance hiking event for the third year in a row happening August 20-23, 2020. Registration is already filling up quickly.

Just exactly what is the 29029? Competitors from around the globe embark on a mission to hike to Snowbasin’s summit a whopping 13 times with a cutoff of 36 hours. And it’s easy on the knees because participants are allowed to ride the gondola down the mountain after completing each summit. Entrepreneurs Jesse Itzler and Marc Hodulich came up with this unique idea with the goal of changing the landscape of endurance events. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to push your physical, spiritual, and mental boundaries with a community of like-minded people. This event has sold out all of its previous runnings and will be even more internationally popular this time around thanks to a new partnership with renowned adventurer Colin O’Brady, who has joined on as a co-founder.

29029 Co-Founder and CEO Marc Hodulich puts it like this: “We are excited to continue our partnership with Snowbasin where the mountain, staff, and outdoor enthusiasts of the broader Salt Lake City area have embraced our challenge and created the perfect stage for our community to test themselves both physically and mentally.”

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