BigLife BigShot: Josh Packer

Words by Josh Packer 

They are the travelers. The light-chasers. The rules-be-damned adventurers. They capture an experience. They fix a moment. They bring focus to life in a way that expands and distills. They are magic-makers and they bring paradise to us.

They are the photographers out there living the BigLife and we salute them here.

Josh Packer is an Idaho-based traveler and photographer. Follow his work on Instagram @packtography, on Facebook at Josh Packer Photography or at his website

Behind the images, in Josh’s words:

I’m from southeast Idaho and have lived here for most of my life. I’ve always had a love of photography, since I was a child, but I didn’t get serious about photography until a few years ago. My wife, Sarah, bought me a Nikon D3200 and a photography class as graduation presents, and I’ve been hooked on landscape photography ever since.

As a landscape photographer, I love color in the sky and good light. I’m always waking up crazy early to catch the morning light. I’ll drive 3 or 4 hours round trip to only shoot for an hour. I also learned early on from a professional photographer to get unique perspectives when taking photos, so I’m always getting down low looking for interesting compositions. I try to go beyond the obvious to create powerful images that people enjoy.

I think about photography everyday, and I am always looking for new places to shoot. If I ever see good light or awesome clouds, I tell my wife that nature is calling me, and I must go. It drives my wife a little crazy, but she puts up with it.

I love sports, both watching and playing, although most of my free time is dedicated to photography now. I was pretty shy as a teenager, but ever since I got into photography, I am a lot more outgoing. I love meeting fellow photographers in all the cities that I visit. Also, I’m the founder of @IdahoDaily on Instagram, and we do Insta-meets with people all over Idaho. I love exploring new places and meeting new people.