Give Us the Good News!

Words by Kitt Doucette 

Damn. It’s been a tough couple of weeks for mountain towns and the world in general. BigLife’s home base of Blaine County in Idaho has been hit especially hard. Not only by the virus itself, but also the national media. It’s all been bad news. On the ground here in Idaho we understand there’s a lot of bad news right now, but we also believe that’s only half the story. There are also a lot of really good things happening every day.

So let’s all work together and share some good news for a change. We’re asking you to tell, show and share something good with us. It can be anything, as long as it’s good.

Poetry is good. Art is good. Unity is good. Kindness is good. Love is good. Compassion is good. Family is good. Pets are good. Getting better is good. Caring for others is good. You get the picture.

We don’t care how you share it with us. But please share it. Put it in the comments. Share it in your stories and tag us (@biglife_magazine, #livebiglife). Send us an email at and we’ll share it. We just want to see some good news dag nammit!

This way the next time a national news outlet starts trolling local and social media for bad news at least they’ll get a refreshing blast of good news too.

As Conrad Anker (@conrad_anker) says, “Above all remind yourself to Hold Fast as All Storms Pass.”

Be good,
Kitt Doucette, Managing Editor