Locate Your Lederhosen – It’s Time for Oktoberfest Beers!

Words by John Caldwell 


Oktoberfest!, ABV 5.4%

Sawtooth Brewery

Sun Valley, Idaho

Sawtooth Brewery is the only craft beer company in Sun Valley’s Wood River Valley and they definitely know what they’re doing. Billed as “the beer that made September great again,” Oktoberfest! is big and malty with a generous nod to the traditional Oktoberfest style. This is a Marzen-style brew. Marzen or Marzenbier is a lager that originated in Bavaria with a medium to full body and an amber-orange, reddish-copper color. Oktoberfest! is seasonally brewed and generally only available in the fall so get it while you can. Noch ein bier, bitte! sawtoothbrewery.com

Hopzeit Autumn IPA, ABV 7%

Deschutes Brewery

Bend, Oregon

As the oldest craft brewery in Bend (a.k.a. Beertown USA), Deschutes knows what it takes to produce excellent and unique brews. Hopzeit is inspired by the Marzenbier tradition but takes on its own personality with a higher-than-traditional hop bitterness (IBU 60) and the latest hop varietals from Germany. The taste is all herbal, fruit, and spice notes with a smooth and elegant malt character. Hopzeit is a rich IPA with an extra, full flavor that will have the IPA-obsessed and pumpkin beer haters rejoicing that they’ve found a go-to Oktoberfest-inspired choice. deschutesbrewery.com

Pumpkin Ale, ABV 7.7%

Upslope Brewing Company

Boulder, Colorado

Upslope is one of the leading craft breweries in Boulder and is all about combining the mountain recreation lifestyle with beers that are made with only the freshest snowmelt and finest hops. Their Pumpkin Ale adds organic baby bear pumpkins to malt and hops to make a full-on local farm to brewhouse collaboration. Copper-orange in color, this brew boasts a custom blend of six roasted pumpkin and pie spices. It’s a true fall seasonal, full-bodied offering that will put some amazing flavor on your palate and warmth in your belly. The Pumpkin Ale also took the 2015 gold medal at the Best of Craft Beer Awards in Oregon. upslopebrewing.com

Fest German-style Helles, ABV 5.7%

Uinta Brewing Company

Salt Lake City, Utah

Established in 1993 and named after the famous Utah mountain range, Uinta has been consistently churning out some of the best craft beer in the country ever since. The Fest is an August to October seasonal with a beady malt character and grassy aroma that is perfect for those Oktoberfest revelers who are looking for a lighter and more sessionable choice. With a brilliant golden color, this beer is simultaneously bready, malty, and crushable. Munich and Hallertau hops combine with a 3/4 malt body to make the Fest extremely well balanced and perfect for crisp fall evenings. uintabrewing.com

Fred’s Black Lager, ABV 4.9%

The Great Northern Brewing Company

Whitefish, Montana

Brewing some of the highest-quality concoctions in the Mountain West since 1995, TGNBC invites newcomers and enthusiasts alike to enjoy exceptional beer and celebrate the good life. Fred’s Black Lager is a sweet option for those who are looking for something a little off the beaten path this fall. It’s a dark beer with a soft bite and is brewed using a unique de-bittered dark malt. Fermented cold and lagered for at least four weeks, this is a smooth brew with just the right hint of roastiness. Pale, Dark Munich, German Carafa, and Chocolate malts combine with Millennium, Czech Saaz, and Hallertauer Mittlefruh hops to create a black lager that goes down easy. greatnorthernbrewing.com