Photograph by Staffan Widstrand

Don’t Miss the Wild Wonders of China

Words by John Caldwell 

December 7, 2019 – May 3, 2020


Showcasing the grand diversity of China’s natural treasures and beauty through the medium of photography, this exhibit at the world-renowned National Museum of Wildlife Art is not to be missed. Internationally-acclaimed photographers Staffan Widstrand and Magnus Lundgren invite viewers to be truly inspired by showing that nature conservation really works, highlighting many Chinese conservation success stories and the remarkable people behind them.

Viewers will take in powerful scenes of everything from spectacular locales to fascinating wildlife. This exhibition uses the raw, emotional power of stunning photography and filmmaking to inspire audiences on an international scale. Organized in conjunction with Wild Wonders of China and the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

See a sample of images from the exhibition below:

Photograph by Staffan Widstrand, Gaoligongshan Tree Frog, Gaoligongshan Mountains, Yunnan, China.
Photograph by Staffan Widstrand, Meili Snow Mountain, Yunnan province, China.
Photograph by Staffan Widstrand, Tibetan Macaque, Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve, NNR, Qingchuan County, Sichuan province, China.