No One Told the Tulips

Words by Terry Costello 

No one told the tulips about the quarantine 

They’re out there right now popping up all perky and green. 

No social distancing for them, their heads are huddled tightly, ready to explode 

But their break with worry would not be happening, if only they’d been told. 


No one told the tulips about the pandemic, 

So they gorge themselves on Spring while we shelter inside in panic.

They seem so calm and splendid, the direct opposite of manic,

Maybe we should learn from them and become a touch less frantic.


No one told the cherry trees about the need to shake hands with their feet,

And now they’ve filled the gutters with petal snow drifts that snow itself can’t beat.

Who forgot to tell them? Was it CNN’s job, or maybe NBC? 

Never mind whose fault it was — the facts are plain to see,  

The virus is raging madly, but the tulips just don’t care, instead they’re going crazy 

Spreading soft hope most everywhere.