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Words by John Caldwell 


After Hours with the BigLife Crew


Swinging: 5B Axe Co.

5B Axe Co. is based in Louisville, Kentucky, but has roots in Ketchum, Idaho, where founder Willy Breen lived after college and eventually met his future wife, a native Kentuckian. Named after the 5 Breens in his young family (with a nod to the fact that the license plates registered in the Ketchum area all start with 5B), Breen’s axe company is a testament to the fact that #1 Breen can’t sit still and #2 he appreciates well-made tools. Specializing in vintage axe restoration, 5B Axe Co. is dedicated to celebrating the history of tools and the stories preserved in the old steel and sturdy wood. With each axe that Breen makes from refurbished tools, he invests in the future of American manufacturing and focuses on high-quality American craftsmanship. These vintage tools are brought back to life (“from rust to reborn,” Breen says) and are made to be used. Chop the wood you need and then pass the axe down for generations of use and enjoyment. Order yours now and get chopping. Follow and order at @5baxecoky

Reading: The Push by Tommy Caldwell.

Coloradoan climber Caldwell has several first ascents under his belt. Going beyond the walls of stone, this intensely personal autobiography is filled with visceral challenges, emotions, adrenaline, and life.

Sipping: Beehive Barrel Reserve Gin

Don’t think that gin gets the love that it truly deserves these days? The folks at Beehive agree with you so much that they put their money where their mouth is every day by distilling gin that stands strongly on its own. Barrel Reserve is an avant garde take on this traditionally clear spirit: strong botanical gin aged in a hand-charred French oak barrel. The result is 100% smokey and perfumed deliciousness. beehivedistilling.com

Listening To: The Joe Rogan Experience, Podcast

There’s definitely a buzz going around (2+ million subscribers on YouTube) about this mixed martial artist and comedian’s podcast show. Past and reoccurring guests include Russell Brand, Lance Armstrong, Leah Remini, Steve-O, Danica Patrick, and Billy Corgan. Aside from the laughs, we think that one of the main reasons for the JRE’s popularity is Rogan’s natural, unfiltered nature and ability to relate to each of his diverse guests on a direct level. Funny and deep is the ultimate combination for entertainment. podcasts.joerogan.net  YouTube channel: PowerfulJRE

Watching: Valley Uprising

Sender Films has a long track record of making some of the best climbing movies in the business. Valley Uprising chronicles the rise of the wall conquering movement in the Yosemite Valley from its beatnik beginnings during the 1960s to the present day breakthroughs of today’s generation. The often comical clashes between the climbing counterculture and cookie cutter tourists, historically fierce rivalries between visionaries, and the sheer magic of being at one with such a remarkable landscape give the viewer a hell of an experience. Throw in masterful editing and a choice soundtrack because, why not? Available on Netflix. senderfilms.com