Photograph by Tim Cadient

Unifying Humanity with Ziggy Marley

Words by Winslow Brokaw 


The countdown is on for some of Sun Valley’s favorite nights of the summer: The Sun Valley Center for the Arts 2019 Summer Concert Series starring Michael Franti & Spearhead and Ziggy Marley opening night was killer (Monday, June 24, 7 p.m.) While the evening’s hype was obvious —two legends playing world-class music in the intimate mountains of Idaho—the underlying message is profound. Franti and Marley are joining forces this summer throughout the Midwest and West for the “unification of humanity,” says Marley. Marley adds, “this is a tour for the movement of love and unity. It will inspire something more in each person when they leave the concert.”

Photograph by Tim Cadient.

Marley’s recent album, Rebellion Rises, is about just this – leading a love rebellion. With songs titled Change Your World, Your Pain Is Mine, See Dem Fake Leaders, and I Am a Human, Marley is vocal that we must fight the cynicism and division of today’s world. He says, “It is important that music speak about subjects beyond the entertainment factor. Being united as human beings is rebellious because of the negativity we see in the world today. Coming together is rebellious.” Franti and Marley have not toured together in a long time, but they know now is the time. Marley says, “We do what needs to be said and done to inspire the world to be a much better place than it is today. It’s going to be fun.”

Photograph by Tim Cadient.

Yes, it sure was fun welcoming the duo and their bands to our beautiful mountain town. Though Marley cannot recall the last time he visited Sun Valley, he was confident he would enjoy it, because like the average local, he too thrives on exercise. He says, “It is how I stay healthy—mentally, spiritually, and physically—with such a busy schedule. I do whatever it takes. Even yoga.” When asked what the general public does not know about him, Marley does not hesitate, “I’m shy!” And he thinks it is pretty darn awesome that he shares a name with local kid “Ziggy.” “That’s cool,” he chuckles.

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